Workshop – Servicing & Repairs

We offer a comprehensive repair service, taking on a wide variety of jobs from punctures and gear adjustments to complete rebuilds. Whether you have the latest state of the art carbon Di2 road bike or a vintage 3 speed, our Cytech trained mechanics with over 50 years experience can handle it!

Please contact us via the website or by phone to book your bike in for repairs or servicing. Alternatively drop in with your bike anytime and we can book you in on the spot.

When you bring your bike in for service we will give you a quick diagnosis and estimate of how much the job will cost. If any other necessary work arrises during the service we will give you a call before proceeding unless otherwise informed.

Bicycle Servicing

Our Service Cost is £19.95* which includes:

  • Safety Check
  • Gear Adjustment (Front & Rear)
  • Brake Adjustment and Blocks/Pads Replaced if Required (Front & Rear)
  • All Nuts/Bolts Checked and Tightened Correctly
  • Tyres Checked for Wear and Correctly Inflated
  • Checking Wheels are True, Inspecting Hubs for Free Play and Spokes and Rims for Damage
  • Inspecting Bottom Bracket for Wear
  • Check & Adjust Headset
  • Checking Pedals for Wear/Damage
  • Lubricating and Checking Transmission for Wear
  • Road Test if Applicable

Additional Work

Sometimes all your bike requires is a service but other times it may need a little bit more attention. We will advise you of other jobs required when servicing your bike.

*Parts not included in the price

Price List

General Repairs

  • Tyre/Tube Replacement £5.00
  • Tyre/Tube Replacement (Wheel Only) £4.00
  • Hub Gear Tyre/Tube Replacement £8.00
  • Electric & Dutch Style Tyre/Tube Replacement £13.00
  • Fit Gear Cable from £5.00
  • Fit Brake Cable from  £4.00
  • Fit Brake Blocks from  £4.00
  • Adjust Gears from  £4.00
  • Adjust Brakes from  £4.00

Wheel Repairs

  • True Wheel from £5.00
  • Spoke Replacement & True from £10.00 + £1.00 Per Spoke
  • Cup & Cone Hub Service from £10.00
  • Wheel Bearing Replacement from £8.00


  • Transmission Strip, Hot Wash & Re-Lube from £24.00
  • Replace Chain from £5.00
  • Replace Cassette from £5.00
  • Fit Freewheel from £5.00
  • Replace Chain Rings from £10.00
  • Replace Jockey Wheels from £5.00

Wheel Building

  • Standard Wheel Build from £24.00


  • Bottom Bracket Replacement from £10.00
  • Headset Replacement from £10.00
  • New Front Wheel from £4.00
  • New Rear Wheel from £6.00
  • Fit Full Mudguards from £10.00
  • Fit Child Seat from £10.00
  • Fit Pannier Rack from £10.00
  • Replace Bars from £10.00
  • Fit Handle Bar Tape from £5.00
  • Fit Front/Rear Mech from £5.00
  • Replace Mech Hanger from £5.00
  • Brake Bleed from from £10.00
  • Fit Hydraulic Brake from £10.00
  • Fit Hydraulic Brake & Cut from £16.00
  • Fit Mechanical Brake from £8.00
  • Fit & Cut Forks from £15.00
  • Fit Groupset from £48.00
  • Bike Build from Box from £25.00
  • Bike Packaging for Travel (inc. packaging) from £30.00
  • New Bike Setup from £20.00
  • Frame Swap from £48.00

Fork Servicing

  • Please enquire with make and model of forks.

*Prices exclude parts. All prices are estimates and may vary depending on the job.